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The Tate & Lyle ‘Bake Along’: Great British Recipes to Try at Home

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The Tate & Lyle ‘Bake Along’: Great British Recipes to Try at Home

‘The Great British Bake Off’ has returned for its 13th series! With 12 new bakers all vying to impress the judges and be crowned Britain’s best amateur baker, they’re taking their skills to the tent to battle it out over the course of the next 10 weeks on our televisions.

From cakes and tarts to bread and biscuits, this year’s bakers will face a series of challenges that put their baking skills to the test, and – just like you – we’ll be tuning in each week to witness all the tasty creations as well as the baking blunders!

Join us on this very page each week as we follow the TV series with you and give you some handy recipes (featuring our classic Tate & Lyle sugars and sweeteners) for you to bake alongside the action. Who knows, perhaps you’ll be gracing the glorious marquee in the next series of the show!

*If you’re not up-to-date with the show, please be mindful of spoilers ahead!*

Week 1: Cake Week

Kicking off with cake week, the new series saw a strong start from the bakers, with plenty of intriguing flavours and impressive designs. Janusz was crowned the first Star Baker of the series, and Will was the unlucky first to be sent home.

The signature challenge requested the bakers to make 12x flavoured and uniform mini-cakes, while the technical challenge was to create a visually appealing red velvet cake. In the showstopper challenge, each baker re-created a cake version of a house that’s close to their hearts.

From forgetting to turn on the oven to using too much booze in a cake (did Prue really say that?!), it’s fair to say that the spirit of the series is back in full force.

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Week 2: Biscuit Week

Episode 2 saw the remaining 11 bakers getting busy with biscuit week. The signature challenge required the bakers to produce 18 identically decorated macarons (not to be confused with macaroons!). The catch? The macarons had to be decorated to look like anything other than macarons. From ‘burgers’ and a cat to daisies and ‘peanuts’, this task saw some spectacular design efforts.

In the technical challenge, Prue tasked the contenders with baking classic Garibaldi biscuits and, despite some setbacks – such as Maxy not reading the recipe and Janusz cutting 24 biscuits instead of 12 – some of the outcomes were well received.

The showstopper challenge asked for a 3D biscuit mask that must be standing upright at the end of challenge. This led to some beautiful outcomes as well as some, shall we say, flawed ones!

And finally, while Maxy was awarded Star Baker of the week, a final farewell was said to Maisam.

Join us back here next week for a review of Bread Week!

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Week 3: Bread Week

Bread week is often the most feared week by the bakers, after all, one of the judges is a legend of the bread world. But the bakers took this in their stride and made some impressive dishes!

This week, the bakers were tasked with making two identical pizzas in the signature challenge. They took inspiration from all over the world, from Syabira’s Malaysian Prawn pizza to a taste of France with Carole’s creation inspired by a Tartiflette.

The technical challenge got the bakers to make pain aux raisins; a decadent dessert made with enriched dough laminated with butter and a filling of raisins, orange and Creme Patissiere. Great with a cup of tea – but not so fun to make when you have hardly any instructions!

The showstopper challenge brought us an array of intricately decorated Smörgåstårtas – this classic Swedish celebration cake has a savoury filling sandwiched between layers of bread. The bakers let their imaginations run wild with the fillings, from Dawn’s flavours of Greece to Sandro’s sloppy joe’s and Janusz’s fish, chips and mushy peas.

Janusz was crowned the winner of this week’s episode, claiming the title for the second time. Be sure to join us again next week for the first-ever Mexican week!

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Week 4: Mexican Week

For the first time on the show, the bakers were tasked with trying their hand at Mexican cuisine, adding an exotic twist to the series so far.

The signature challenge required the bakers to create Pan Dulce, a sweet Mexican bread usually eaten for breakfast. This task saw some inspired outcomes, with Sayabira making hers look like corn on the cob.

For the technical challenge, the bakers made a classically traditional Mexican dish – tacos! Tough though this challenge was, there were some impressive efforts made, with Maxy’s attempt proving the most impressive.

And finally, the showstopper challenge saw the bakers tasked with making a Tres Leches, a sponge cake baked with 3 different types of milk (condensed, evaporated, and double cream). And, although Dawn’s coffee and chocolate Tres Leches garnered some great feedback, it was Maxy who scooped the best baker title this week.

Making up for nobody having left the tent last week, this week saw two unfortunate losses – Rebs and James. Be sure to tune in next week for Dessert Week!

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Week 5: Dessert Week

With just 8 bakers remaining, the competition is heating up! This week’s episode saw the occurrence of a Bake Off classic – dessert week.

In the signature challenge, the bakers were tasked with making 8 individual steamed puddings – a true British staple. From Syabira’s watermelon steamed puddings to Sandro’s apple and cherry crumble steamed puddings (complete with a Prue-friendly boozy drizzle!), there were certainly some interesting flavour combinations. Despite Carole’s praised flavour choices, her puddings collapsed when they came out of the moulds!

For the technical challenge, the bakers were asked to make a classic lemon meringue pie. Simple though that seemed, it transpired that the recipe contained only the words “make a lemon meringue pie”, so they had to rely on their baking instincts alone. Syabira fell behind here, but Januzs emerged victorious.

The showstopper challenge proved challenging indeed, with the task of creating a mousse-based dessert containing a hidden surprise. From Kevin’s digging dog to Abdul’s galaxy and planets, the bakers let their imaginations run wild with this task. But it was Sandro’s spherical globe dessert that wowed the judges and got him crowned the winner of the week. And unfortunately, Carole became the most recent baker to leave the tent.

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Week 6: Halloween Week

Embracing the spirit of the season, this week’s Halloween special episode saw some spooky outfits (particularly Janusz dressing as Noel!) and some frightfully festive decorations.

With toffee apples having long been a staple Halloween treat, the judges challenged the bakers to create an apple cake in their signature challenge. With a variety of intriguing flavours dreamed up by the bakers to enhance their cakes, Syabira’s notes of chilli and sour plumb were particularly interesting. She even took it to the next level by decorating it to look like a witchy apple.

For the technical challenge, the bakers made s’mores – a classic American campfire dessert with goeey marshmallow and chocolate ganache sandwiched between two biscuits. Abdul places last in this challenge, while Syabira once again shone above the competition and won.

The showstopper challenge required the bakers to make a Halloween-themed hanging lantern that could be smashed open to reveal a variety of baked goods (kind of like a pinata). From spooky spiders and scary skulls to eerie lanterns and a black cat, the lantern design efforts were vast and varied! Many of the bakers chose biscuit-base lanterns, although Sandro opted for a spherical chocolate lantern complete with chocolate skulls.

As well as yummy treats, the bakers were also encouraged to include tricks in their lanterns. And, while Sandro chose to include chilli in his cookies, Janusz out-tricked even that by making cricket chocolate truffles – with actual crickets!

Not surprisingly, Syabira was the star of Halloween week, while Dawn becomes the sixth contestant to leave.

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Week 7: Custard Week

Custard week turned out to be a turbulent week for our final 6 bakers, it’s safe to say that nobody had an easy ride!

The judges tasked the bakers to create Île Flottante, or ‘floating islands’, as it is more commonly known – poached meringues floating in custard. The bakers unleashed their creativity, hoping to impress the judges with their decoration and flavours. Janusz decided to make his floating islands look like a vanilla latte, which was a hit with the judges. Maxy and Syabira impressed the judges with their floating islands based on classic cocktails, a mojito and a blue lagoon. Sandro also decided to feature alcohol in his bake, but he missed the mark as there was too much – even for Prue!

Prue was in charge of the technical challenge this week and asked the bakers to create six pistachio ice cream cones from scratch. As they were making a frozen dessert, the bakers had staggered start and finish times to make the judging as fair as possible. After a disappointing result in the signature challenge, Sandro was keen to impress the judges this time around – and he certainly did – they loved his ice cream and awarded him first place. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for Abdul and Syabira, they both struggled in this challenge – Abdul kept burning his waffle cones, but Syabira’s completely melted ice cream left her in last place.

A turbulent first day meant that it was an even playing field going into the showstopper challenge. The bakers had to create a set custard gateau with baked components, but they had to make sure that the custard was the stand-out element. A variety of flavours and themes graced the tent as always, Maxy and Sandro decided to dedicate their bakes to loved ones who they’d lost (a beautiful tribute if you ask us!)

Janusz created a Neapolitan-style gateau which was inspired by his favourite holiday to Italy. His gateau looked stunning, but unfortunately, it was style over substance as the judges weren’t a fan of his textures – Paul even said that his custard was like wallpaper paste!

Syabira’s piña colada gateau was a hit with the judges and led her to be awarded the star of custard week. Unfortunately, we had to say goodbye to Kevin as his gateau fell short of the judges’ high expectations – although Prue was incredibly impressed with his unique flavour combinations!

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Week 8: Pastry Week

This week saw the remaining 5 bakers face the quarter finals! With the pressure building and the difficulty increasing, the judges are pulling no punches with their comments.

First up, the signature challenge required the bakers to make 12 vol-au-vents with a sweet filling. While the judges were impressed with Syabira’s citrus-infused mandarin, orange and cream cheese filling, they were less impressed with Maxy’s raw pastry, Abdul’s overcooked and “bone dry” pastry, and Januzs’ undercooked pastry! Plus, with Sandro failing to even turn his oven on, things went from bad to worse! (Although the judges did appreciate his key lime pie-flavoured vol-au-vents).

For the technical challenge, Prue set the bakers the challenge of making a rare savoury bake – 8 spring rolls. With 29 different ingredients available, the bakers had to trust their cooking instincts to figure out the right proportions to use. Sando made up for his oversights during the signature challenge here, landing him first place.

This week’s showstopper challenge was dripping with nostalgic potential, as the bakers were tasked with creating a 3D pie scene based on their favourite children’s book or nursery rhyme. More specifically, the scene had to include at least 8 pies, and it had to be instantly recognisable.

With tributes to Treasure Island, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and even The Very Hungry Caterpillar, some interesting (and somewhat ambitious!) efforts were made. Unfortunately, the judges were disappointed overall, most of the pies were dry on the inside (although some were worse than others!) With Paul describing Sandro’s pastry as “tough as old boots” and Maxy’s filo pastry globe ending up undercooked, this task was not a successful one for most! Having said that, Syabira’s pastry, flavours, and elaborate Jack and the Beanstalk scene did impress the judges, landing her start of the week for the third week running!

And we had to sadly say goodbye to Mazy, an emotional moment given her incredible effort this series.

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Week 9: Patisserie Week (The Semi-Final)

Patisserie week was the toughest yet, testing all the final four bakers to the max as they fought for a place in the final.

The first challenge involved making 6 mini charlottes (a ring of sponge filled with a mousse or bavarois), Syabira and Janusz decided to make lady fingers as their sponge and Sandro and Abdul opted for cake. In fact, Sandro decided to make two different sponges to go in his mini charlottes. This risk did pay off, as Prue said his banana cake was one of the best sponges she’s ever eaten – result! Abdul impressed the judges with the textures and flavours in his tiramisu-flavoured charlottes and Sybira’s unusual flavour combination was also a big hit with the judges, but Janusz struggled as he presented a tough sponge and mousse that wasn’t set.

Prue set the technical challenge this week and asked the bakers to create vertical tarts, with a chocolate mousse, raspberry jelly, and a tempered chocolate decoration – it’s safe to say that this challenge certainly put the bakers through their paces! Syabira made the best tarts, landing her first place, and Sandro came last.

The showstopper asked the bakers to create an intricate and extravagant Swedish bake known as kracken. This almond biscuit structure had to stand at least 60cm tall and be beautifully decorated, so the bakers certainly had their work cut out!

All the bakers had themes that were close to their hearts, Janusz created a tribute to Brighton Pride and Sandro marked his African and British routes in his Kracken. Adbul created a rocket ship and a series of space-themed marzipan decorations, and Syabira created an impressive double-helix DNA structure with chromosomes – a tribute to her job.

Abdul’s bake was out of this world (sorry about the pun, we couldn’t resist!) and he was crowned star of the week. After a hard week, we sadly had to say goodbye to Janusz – which means Sandro, Syabira and Abdul are this year’s finalists!

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Week 10: The Final

After 10 action-packed weeks in the tent, Syabira, Abdul and Sandro fought off the competition to make it to the final. Now just three challenges stand between them and the grand prize. The final theme was all about celebrating our beautiful planet, which resulted in some stunning bakes.  

The final kicked off with a celebration of seasonal summer ingredients, as the bakers had to make a summer picnic of six finger sandwiches, six mini cakes and six savoury pies – a tough challenge to say the least!  

Syabira created a vegetarian pie with an aubergine, mushroom and quail egg filling to accompany her broad bean and salsa verde sandwiches and elderflower Swiss rolls with strawberry jam and rosemary cream. The judges felt that the rosemary overpowered her Swiss rolls, but her pies and sandwiches were great.

Abdul made beetroot, carrot and cream cheese sandwiches and Greek pies that used feta cheese from Yorkshire to reduce food miles – the judges loved them. However, he missed the mark on his tarragon-flavoured swiss rolls as the judges didn’t think the flavours were strong enough. Although the pastry in Sandro’s cheesy cauliflower pies was undercooked, the flavours in his pies, cakes and sandwiches were spot on!

The bakers used the bread they made for their sandwiches during the technical challenge, where they were asked to make a summer pudding bomb. Their bread will form the outer layer of their bomb and the filling included a mousse and a jelly centre, both set with vegetable gelatine.

Unfortunately, Sandro struggled with this challenge, because his mousse and jelly didn’t set – his summer bomb was more like a summer puddle! Syabira’s and Abdul’s bakes had problems as well, but Abdul’s was the closest to perfection and he was awarded first place. 

The showstopper challenge was by far the hardest yet, as they had to make a huge edible sculpture that represented this week’s theme. The sculpture had to feature cake alongside three other baked elements – pushing the bakers to their limits.

All the bakers had issues with their baked creations and were a little messy, but they all had their own victories. Sandro wanted to represent the whole earth, featuring lemon and plumb cakes, blueberry cake pops, biscuits and profiteroles. A lot of his elements were overbaked, but his profiteroles and flavours were a triumph. Abdul’s sculpture was a tribute to bees, featuring a honey cake and celebrating hedgerow heroes like elderflowers, blackberries and raspberries. His decoration was very messy and his choux pastry failed, but his biscuits were perfect.

Syabira created an orangutan sculpture with a rainforest, highlighting the important message that we need to protect their homes. As usual, Syabira pushed the boat out with her unique flavour combinations, and she blew the judges away – the decoration was a little messy, but her flavours certainly made up for it. It’s safe to say that her final bake left an impression on the judges, as Syabira was crowned this year’s overall winner.

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*This is not sponsored, in partnership with or otherwise endorsed by Love Production’s The Great British Bake Off.

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