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8 Easy Chocolate Dessert Recipes for Effortless Entertaining

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8 Easy Chocolate Dessert Recipes for Effortless Entertaining

Chocoholics – assemble!

If you’re looking for delicious yet easy chocolate dessert recipes – look no further. Whether you’re seeking recipes for a kid’s party, a workplace bake-off, to cheer up your recently single friend, or you just want to chow down on some chocolate at the end of a tough day (hey, we’re not judging), we’ve got you covered.

Check out some of our most popular chocolate dessert recipes, including brownies, cakes, puddings and more!

Chocolate orange desserts

Let’s kick off with our orange and passion fruit chocolate cake recipe. It may sound like a tricky chocolate dessert to make, but it’s much simpler than it sounds and only takes about half an hour to prep.

This recipe yields the delightful union of chocolate and orange in a simple, one-bowl chocolate cake that can still easily achieve the desired ‘wow’ factor.

Chocolate brownie desserts

Brownies. The bite-sized pieces of chocolatey goodness that have brought joy to many a chocolate lover! Who doesn’t love brownies? No one we know, that’s for sure!

Here are some of our popular brownie dessert recipes for you to try out. These are great recipes to make with (or without 😉) the kids.

Chocolate orange brownies

Crumbly and crisp on the outside with a fudge-filled centre, these brownie desserts are the best of both worlds for those who enjoy a good ratio of crunch to chew.

Duo dark and white chocolate brownies

Our duo dark and white chocolate brownies are a real treat. One which saves you from having to make the difficult decision between milk chocolate and white chocolate – you’re welcome.

Easy chocolate dessert recipes: familiar favourites

If you’re after familiar, traditional chocolate dessert recipes, try one of these:

Chocolate pudding

In just 20 glorious minutes, you can prepare yourself a chocolate pudding to be proud of. Our recipe yields a rich, creamy, chocolatey pudding featuring chunks of delicious chocolate chips.

Chocolate lava cake

Despite its perilous name, this chocolate dessert is surprisingly simple to make and takes just 15 minutes to prepare. If you like chocolate cakes that are deliciously chocolatey outside and full of gooey, warm, melted chocolate inside, this one’s for you.

Chocolate fudge cake

We feel like these three words need no further explanation. Covered in a scrumptious chocolate buttercream with a ganache drip, you will not be disappointed by this chocolate fudge cake.

Easy chocolate dessert recipes: quirkier choices

If you fancy making a chocolate dessert that’s a little different from the usual favourites, we can’t recommend these quirky little recipes enough:

Chocolate ice cream sandwiches

If you’re looking to whip up a quick chocolate dessert, no muss, no fuss, try our chocolate ice cream sandwiches on for size (not literally, please.) Although the concept of ice cream sandwiches may seem strange to some, you simply must try it at least once – so why not start here?

Banana and chocolate bread

Another strange concept – chocolate and banana – but rest assured that this sumptuous and easy chocolate dessert recipe is impressive, tasty, and a tried and tested dinner party winner!

Don’t forget the Tate & Lyle Sugar

Remember to pick up all the ingredients you’ll need to make your delicious chocolate desserts, including our classic Tate & Lyle sugars and flavoured syrups.

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