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13 Simple St. Patrick’s Day Recipes for the Ultimate Family Feast

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13 Simple St. Patrick’s Day Recipes for the Ultimate Family Feast

Each year, the same familiar Irish-inspired St. Patrick’s Day recipes re-surface and make the rounds online; the corned beef and cabbage, the Irish stew, the soda bread, and – of course – the experimental Irish stout-infused dishes.

While we absolutely love these traditional favourites as much as the next person, it’s not mandatory that they feature in your St. Patrick’s Day feast year in, year out. In fact, you might be surprised to know that you’ll rarely find any of the above dishes on an Irish person’s dinner table on Paddy’s Day.

Instead, if you’re entertaining guests at home this year, why not plan your St. Patrick’s Day recipes according to yours and their personal preferences? We believe that when preparing a meal for an event, anything goes (within reason, of course!)

This year, step away from the traditional recipes for ‘authentic’ Irish food and discover alternative inspiration for creating a delicious St. Patrick’s Day feast in this helpful article.

St. Patrick’s Day chicken recipes

Chicken. It’s classic, it’s easy and there’s so much you can do with it. If you’re considering poultry for your festive banquet on St. Patrick’s Day, chicken recipes can be the simple, straightforward way to go. (They don’t say “winner winner, chicken dinner” for nothing!)

Plus, if you’re planning to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in a more traditional fashion (glug glug), then you’ll definitely need something to line your stomach first.

Here are some of our most popular chicken-based recipes.

Sticky barbecue chicken

Sticky chicken – yum! Our recipe calls for a mix of delicious blends and spices to season your chicken to perfection. Pair it with some Mediterranean vegetables and, hey presto, you’ve got a meal fit for a saint!

Seared citrus chicken

Our tasty, lemony, low-fat seared chicken dish is simple to make, delicious to eat, and healthier than you might think!

Balsamic sugar-glazed chicken

A tasty twist on a traditional British roast, our sugar-glazed chicken recipe yields a yummy, warming dinner that’s as satisfying as it is succulent.

Orange muscovado chicken

Mix up your standard chicken dinner with a zesty orange variation. Experience the ultimate pairing of sweet and succulent with this popular recipe.

If you’re looking for St. Patrick’s Day baking recipes, look no further.

When it comes to baking a cake for your St. Patrick’s Day celebrations, there’s no need to pour your blood, sweat and tears into some giant green monstrosity shaped like a leprechaun hat. Instead, keep it simple with a classic, tried and tested cake recipe that doesn’t take all your time, energy, and green frosting to make.

Here are 3 of our most popular cake recipes.

Bundt Cake

The word ‘Bundt’ is derived from the German word ‘bundkuchen’, meaning “a cake for a gathering”. With that in mind, why not indulge in a special St. Patrick’s Day Bundt cake recipe this year?

Marble cake

Our marvellous marble cake recipe is a popular family favourite, yielding a delicious cake that looks fancy, but that tastes like nostalgia and childhood!

Butterfly cakes

If you’re looking for something a little less grandiose than a big cake, these buttery, bite-sized butterfly cakes make for an ideal addition to any feast, for any occasion.

St. Patrick’s Day cookie recipes

If you want a tasty dessert for your St. Patrick’s Day feast but don’t want to commit to baking a cake, why not bake cookies instead?

Here are 2 of our most popular cookie recipes.

Chocolate peanut butter cookies

Deliciously buttery and moreish, our chocolate peanut butter cookies recipe never fail to delight.

Orange chocolate brownie cookies

Crumbly and crispy on the outside, with a chewy, rich fudgy centre, our orange chocolate brownie cookies represent the perfect pairing of 2 different (but equally delicious) desserts.

St. Patrick’s Day cocktail recipes

This year, don’t limit yourself to glass after glass of Guinness, mix things up a bit with some fun new flavours.

Cocktails make the perfect to addition to any party – regardless of the occasion! Our selected St. Patrick Day cocktail recipes are sure to liven up the festivities no matter how you’re planning on celebrating.

Watermelon gin slushies

Cool, refreshing and fruity, each sip of our watermelon gin slushies tastes like a cool, summery breeze.

Strawberry & lemon Mojito

Another fun favourite with a fruity twist, try our strawberry and lemon Mojito recipe for a taste of the exotic.

Demerara Bloody Mary

What’s better than a Bloody Mary? A Bloody Mary with the added rich sweetness of Tate & Lyle Demerara sugar, of course!


Experience a taste of Rio with our tangy take on the classic Brazilian cocktail.

Don’t forget the Tate & Lyle sugars and syrups!

Remember to pick up the necessary ingredients you’ll need to hold your St. Patrick’s Day baking endeavours together, namely our classic Tate & Lyle sugars, as well as our scrumptious syrups and flavourings.

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