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Spiced Fruit Chutney
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Mouth-Watering Chutney Recipes to Spice Up Your Winter

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Mouth-Watering Chutney Recipes to Spice Up Your Winter 

As we embrace the cooler days of winter, there’s no better time to explore the rich and varied flavours of homemade chutney.

Whether you’re a seasoned chutney enthusiast or new to this culinary gem, keep reading to discover a selection of scrumptious chutney recipes that add a burst of flavour to every meal.

The base ingredients of chutney  

Chutney, a versatile and vibrant condiment, can be sweet or savoury. Each recipe brings its unique twist, but here are the basic ingredients:

1) Fruits and/or vegetables: The star ingredients, providing the main body of your chutney.

Herbs: Infusing freshness, amazing flavours and a dash of colour.

Spices: Bringing depth and warmth to your palate.

Vinegar and sugar: The key preserving ingredients, adding sweet and tart flavours. Plus, the addition of Tate & Lyle Sugars is what transforms good chutneys into unforgettable ones.

Chutney creation: The tools of the trade

You don’t need any fancy equipment to make chutney. The main things you’ll need are:

A large pan 

Your perfect partner for chutney-making is a large saucepan. Here are three tips to prevent your chutney from sticking to the bottom of the pan:

1) A heavy-bottomed pan, this ensures even heat distribution.

2) Stir continuously with a spatula or wooden spoon.

3) Reducing the heat.

Sterilised jars and lids

The key to long-lasting chutney is sterilised jars. This simple yet crucial step helps preserve your chutney and kills all the harmful bacteria.

To sterilise your jars and lids, start by preparing your jars around 20 minutes before your chutney is ready. Wash them in hot, soapy water, rinse them thoroughly and then place them in a preheated oven (between 160 – 180 degrees) for 15 minutes. If your jars have rubber seals, be sure to sterilise them in boiling water for 2-3 minutes.

A jar funnel 

To transfer your chutney into your jars with ease, use a jar funnel. It’s a small tool, but it makes a big difference in keeping the process safe and efficient.

Perfect pairings for your chutney

Chutney, with its sweet and tart flavours, pairs well with a variety of dishes. Here are some popular options:

1) Cheese: Elevates the flavour of a certain of cheeses, particularly the sharp and aged varieties.

2) Cold meats and charcuterie: Adds a delightful contrast to cold cuts like ham, turkey, or salami.

3) Sandwiches and burgers: Transforming these everyday meals into gourmet delights.

4) Crackers and breads: Ideal as a spread or impromptu snack.

Easy chutney recipes for you to try this winter

Now you have these tips under your belt, we’ve compiled a list of easy-to-make chutney recipes for you to try at home.

Spiced tomato chutney

This chutney is a celebration of flavours, perfect for accompanying cold meats and cheeses. Its rich blend of tomatoes, apples, onions, and spices creates a symphony of irresistible tastes.

Spiced fruit chutney 

A versatile chutney that goes perfectly with sausages, meats and cheese boards. Its mix of dried fruits and exotic spices offers a unique taste experience.

Fragrant fruit chutney 

A melody of fruits and spices, this chutney is a delightful addition to any meal with its beautiful harmony of sweet and spicy notes.

The secret ingredient: Tate & Lyle Sugars

Remember, the secret ingredient to a great chutney is the sugar, and Tate & Lyle Sugars makes it even better! Check out our range to elevate your chutney creations.

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