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10 Simple Summer Dessert Recipes

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10 Simple Summer Dessert Recipes

When it’s too hot for stodgy desserts that leave you feeling uncomfortably full, try one of our simple, easy-breezy summer dessert recipes instead!

We’ve gathered 5 of our most popular summer cake recipes and 5 alternative summer pudding recipes so you can choose from a wide range of delicious, seasonal dessert options to tastefully round off your evening meals this summertime.

Delicious summer cakes to enjoy this season

No matter how you slice it, cake is arguably the best dessert in the world. It’s one of those ideal, all-season puddings that’s sure to level-up any event or occasion.

Check out these 5 simple, popular and perfect-for-summer cake recipes that are sure to make hosting your guests this summer a piece of cake! (Sorry).

Cheerfully Checkered Battenberg cake

Our take on this classic teatime treat yields a light and airy sponge cake that would make the perfect addition to any summertime picnic or party.

Heavenly Victoria sponge cake

Baking this quintessentially British cake has never been easier with our simple 3-step recipe. The regal Victoria sponge cake makes the perfect centrepiece for an al-fresco meal at a small garden gathering.

Beautifully buttery butterfly cakes

Want a summery dessert without committing to a full-size cake? Try these creamy and buttery butterfly cupcakes for bite-sized bliss.

Light and zesty lemon drizzle cake

Nothing says ‘refreshing summer dessert’ quite like the flavour of lemon. Lots of lemony desserts tend to be light and invigorating – and this zesty lemon drizzle cake is no exception.

3-layer fruity summer berry cake

This feather-light sponge cake is laden with juicy summer berries, making it perfect for all sorts of celebratory summer events.

Other scrumptious summer pudding recipes

If you’re not really feeling cake-making this summer, there are plenty of other summer desserts you can try. Here are 5 of our favourite summer pudding recipes.

Small and succulent strawberry tarts

Can you even enjoy the summer months if you don’t eat strawberries? We don’t think so. Sweet, succulent, and the perfect addition to a pastry, you’ll struggle to find a more summery dessert than these strawberry tarts.

Homemade vanilla ice cream (no machine required)

One of the most important things we learn in childhood is that ice cream is YUMMY – especially on a hot summer’s day. This homemade vanilla ice cream is churn-free, so you won’t even need an ice cream machine.

Quick and easy meringue nests

Simple yet delicious, our easy meringue nests recipe is great for the summer months, yielding light, fluffy and crispy meringues that make the perfect ‘light bite’ dessert after a heavier main course.

Refreshing redcurrant sorbet

A lighter alternative to ice cream, our refreshing redcurrant sorbet is the ideal way to cool down on a warm summer day. Plus, it’s a great palate cleanser!

Easy English scones

Follow our easy English scones recipe for a classic, family-favourite dessert. Whether served hot or cold, with jam and cream (or cream and jam) or without, experience the most delicious summertime scones you’ve ever tasted.

Don’t forget the sugar!

Remember to stock up on all the Tate and Lyle sugar(s) you’ll need to master one or more of these scrumptious summer recipes.

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