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The Sweet Revolution: Embrace Low Calorie Indulgence with Sucralose Sweeteners

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The Sweet Revolution: Embrace Low Calorie Indulgence with Sucralose Sweeteners

Have you ever hesitated before indulging in your favourite sweet treat or adding sugar to your tea? You’re not alone! The quest for sweetness without the calories is a common challenge, but we have the solution – sucralose sweeteners. Keep reading to find out why this product is a real game-changer for both foods and beverages.

What are sucralose sweeteners?

Sucralose, a sugar substitute derived directly from sugar, offers sweetness but with a fraction of the calories.

Tate & Lyle Sucralose Sweeteners bring this option to your kitchen, offering granulated and tablet forms. Read more about Tate & Lyle Sweetener Tablets in this article: Sweeten your life the smart way: Explore Tate & Lyle Sweetener Tablets.

Is there anything to consider when using sweeteners?


This low-calorie sweetener is much sweeter than standard sugar, which means you don’t need as much to achieve your desired level of sweetness.

A mere ¼ teaspoon (0.5g) of Tate & Lyle Sweetener equates to the sweetness of 1 teaspoon (4g) of sugar. This tells us that this sweetener is 8 times sweeter than sugar by weight.

So, for example, if you wanted to substitute 150g of sugar, we can calculate the equivalent amount of sweetener as follows:

150 ÷ 8 = 18.75g (round it up to 19g)

Ingredients that work well with sweeteners

Here are some common ingredients that you can pair with sweeteners to add to various snacks and small meals like cereal and porridge.

• Unsweetened applesauce: A popular choice for adding moisture and bulk without adding extra calories or sugar. It works well in cakes, muffins, and bread.

• Plain or Greek yoghurt: This can add moisture and a slight tanginess to baked goods and is great in cakes and muffins.

• Mashed ripe bananas: Adds sweetness, moisture, and bulk. They work well in quick breads, muffins, cakes, and pancakes.

Incorporating these requires a touch of experimentation but remember that sweetener is a lot sweeter than Tate & Lyle sugar by weight. You’ll need to take care not to add too much sweetness and overpower other flavours!

Ways to enjoy sucralose sweetener

Let’s explore how you can use Tate & Lyle Sweetener:

• Hot drinks: Sweeten your hot drinks with just ¼ teaspoon of Tate & Lyle Sweetener for the same sweetness as a full teaspoon of sugar. With just two calories per ¼ teaspoon, it’s the perfect way to enjoy a low calorie beverage.

• Sprinkle on cereal: A sprinkle of Tate & Lyle Sweetener on your cereal offers you a deliciously sweet taste to start your day.

Sweeten your day the Tate & Lyle way

Explore our range of Tate & Lyle Sucralose Sweeteners and take the first step towards reducing your sugar intake.

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