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How to make carrot cake: Recipes & Tips

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How to make carrot cake: Recipes & Tips

Sugar (Tate & Lyle, of course) and spice, and everything nice; carrot cake is a classic bake that has been a favourite for generations.

When you put vegetables in a cake, it makes it healthy, right? Well, this presumption is actually the reason that carrot cakes got so popular.

In this article, discover some tips and simple carrot cake recipes that will put a smile on your friends and family’s faces.

Tips to make a cracking carrot cake

We’ve pulled together a series of tips and tricks to teach you how to make a delicious carrot cake.


Sift together the dry ingredients

Sift the flour, raising agent, and spices together to make sure they are fully incorporated into your mix.


Apply frosting to a cold cake

Leave your cake to fully cool down before you add the frosting. Otherwise, the frosting will melt, and you’ll end up with a mess!


Toast the nuts before you add them to your cake batter

Toasting nuts brings out the natural oils, intensifying the flavour and taking your cake to a whole new level.


Accurately measure ingredients

Believe it or not, baking is a science, so you need accurate measurements to create the right chemical reactions. Too much or not enough of the ingredients can lead to a lacklustre cake.


Don’t overmix the batter

The last thing you want is to cut into your cake and have a tough and dense texture. Mix your batter until it’s just combined and stop, although it’s tempting to carry on!


Make sure all ingredients are room temperature

Keeping eggs, butter and any other dairy ingredients at room temperature means that they emulsify and create air pockets in your mixture – resulting in a light and fluffy cake.


Peel the carrots before adding them to your cake

Leaving the peel on your carrots when you add them to your cake can leave a bitter flavour, so we suggest peeling your carrots before grating them into your mixture.


Add orange zest to your cake

If you want a pop of flavour that will enhance the taste of the carrots, why not add some orange zest to your cake?

The best recipes for carrot cake

Now you have those tips and tricks in your arsenal, why not try these easy carrot cake recipes? The results are bound to make your mouth water!

Easy carrot cake recipe

Looking for a moist carrot cake recipe? Look no further! This classic carrot cake will leave you wanting more…

Golden carrot cake recipe

This simple carrot cake recipe uses Tate & Lyle Pure Cane Golden Granulated Sugar, which gives the cake a delicious honey flavour.

Carrot cake agave muffins recipe

For something a little different, why not try these carrot cake muffins? Perfect for a snack, or a treat in your kids (or your own) packed lunch.

You can’t make a cake without Tate & Lyle’s sugars and syrups!

Nothing is sweeter than Tate & Lyle Sugars and Syrups, don’t forget to pick them up before you start baking.

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