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What Makes a Good Chocolate Brownie Recipe?

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What Makes a Good Chocolate Brownie Recipe?

We all love these sweet, gooey treats, but a great chocolate brownie recipe can make all the difference. To get them soft and moist on the inside and slightly crispy on top, there needs to be a perfect balance of richness, texture, and flavour. Also, the chocolate flavour itself should be intense and powerful, but not overwhelming.

Sounds a bit difficult, right? Well, with the right recipe, you can make delicious homemade brownies with simple and easily available ingredients. What’s more, you’ll have the option to add your own additional flavourings to bake your brownies just how you like them.

Our favourite chocolate brownie recipes

Whether you like a classic chocolate brownie or want to experiment with something a bit different, we’ve got a range of recipes to choose from. So, pick up a spatula and ready your whisk as we run you through some of our favourite chocolate brownie recipes.

Classic Cane Sugar Brownies

Our Classic Cane Sugar Brownies are ideal for anyone who’s after the quintessential chocolatey treat. This chocolate brownie recipe is an absolute classic. Easy to follow and delivering consistently indulgent results, this is our brownie recipe of choice for any budding baker. Feel free to sprinkle on some chocolate chips or dust with cocoa powder for a final finishing touch.

White Chocolate Blondies

While both blondies and brownies have chewy textures, blondies have a softer, lighter taste than brownies. This is because their recipes differ slightly. So, for these delightful White Chocolate Blondies, you’ll need to use vanilla extract and Tate & Lyle Soft Light Brown Sugar to achieve the gooey consistency you’re after. Loaded with chunks of white chocolate and served best with a caramel drizzle, this recipe puts a delightful twist on the classic brownie.

Chocolate Mocha Brownies

Chocolate and coffee truly are a match made in heaven. And what better way to combine these two decadent flavours than in the form of a brownie? Our Chocolate Mocha Brownies provide the perfect combination of flavour and texture for cocoa and coffee lovers alike. Paired with ice cream or an after-dinner coffee, these delicious dark chocolate brownies are one of our all-time favourites.

Gooey Sea Salted Caramel Brownies

We all know brownies should be sweet, so adding salt to them doesn’t seem quite right. However, salt is a flavour enhancer. By adding salt to your brownies, you’re actually making the chocolate taste sweeter, and these Gooey Sea Salted Caramel Brownies are no exception! This quick and easy chocolate brownie recipe will result in delicious brownies that are packed full of flavour and topped with a decadent caramel topping.

Tate & Lyle Brondies: Duo Dark & White Chocolate Brownies

Finally, our list wouldn’t be complete without something really indulgent for those of you who simply can’t get enough chocolate. These Dark and White Brownies that we like to call ‘Brondies’ bring white and dark chocolate together to mouth-watering effect. These treats are perfect for sharing with friends and family and have a combined cooking and preparation time of just 40 minutes! With a soft, chewy centre and a classic crackly top, you really can’t go wrong with these delicious brownies.

Ready to earn some brownie points?

Now that we’ve run you through some of our absolute favourite chocolate brownie recipes, you should be ready to have a go yourself. Say goodbye to the boxed brownie mix and treat your friends and family to some mouth-watering homemade brownies.

In addition to the recipes listed here, we have plenty more available for all the brownie enthusiasts out there. Feel free to look through all of our brownie and biscuit recipes and check out our range of products that are perfect for baking the perfect brownies.

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