Wimbledon Pimms Syllabub

This dessert is game, set and match on a summer afternoon watching the world’s finest battle it out on the courts. With summer fruits and the Wimbledon staple taste of Pimms topped with cream!


Prep Time
20 min
Pimms Syllabub

200 g strawberries 

100 ml Pimm's

1 lemon

1 orange


For the Syllabub:

300 ml double cream

4 tbsps Tate & Lyle Fairtrade Cane Icing sugar




  1. Chop your strawberries into quarters and put into a large bowl, add the Pimms and juice of the lemon and orange to the bowl. Cover and chill preferably overnight at a minimum.
  2. Take your strawberries and Pimms out of the fridge and spoon into trifle glasses.
  3. Whisk your double and cream and icing sugar until it holds its shape but is still spoonable.
  4. Top your trifle glasses with the cream mixture and pop some strawberries on top to garnish if you fancy. Best enjoyed on a summer afternoon with the match on the tv!