Strawberry Vanilla & Apricot Amaretto Layered Jam
Strawberry Vanilla & Apricot Amaretto Layered Jam

Strawberry Vanilla & Apricot Amaretto Layered Jam

A traditional jam with a twist; it's like happiness in a jar!


4 x 380g jars


10 mins


25-30 mins


Strawberry Jam

  • 500 g strawberries (quartered)
  • 500 g Tate & Lyle Jam Sugar
  • Juice of one lemon
  • 2 tsp vanilla bean paste

Apricot Jam

  • 500 g apricots (diced)
  • 500 g Tate & Lyle Jam Sugar
  • Juice of 1 lemon
  • 4 tbsp Amaretto



1. To start the recipe, it is best to have all ingredients for both jams prepped and ready, so that once the first jam is made you can immediately start the second, so weigh everything, except for the amaretto, for each jam in separate large pans and set aside about 30 minutes to whip up this recipe.

2. Once you’re ready it is time for a basic but incredibly important step, sterilising the jars. Wash the jars and lids with hot soapy water then place onto a roasting tray and place into an oven heated to 180C for about 15 mins. This means the jams you are lovingly making will last 6 months without needing to refrigerate the unopened jars. Just before you start making the jam pop a couple plates into the freezer.

3. Start with the apricot jam (it sets firmer so the jams wont blend), place the pan with all of the ingredients onto the hob, set over medium/low heat and cook, stirring until the sugar has dissolved. Increase the heat to medium/high and bring the jam to a rolling boil and cook for about 10 minutes.

4. To test if the jam is fully cooked there are a few simple ways you can check. The first is the flake test. Lift the wooden spoon above the pan and allow the jam to drip back into the pan, if some drips, cling to the spoon rather than running off back into the pan you're good. Pop the plate aside for a minute or so before pushing the jam with your finger, if it wrinkles it will set, if it is still liquid cook it for a little longer.

5. Once the jam has finished cooking turn off the heat and leave for a minute or so to let it settle then stir in the amaretto. If there is any foam on top carefully skim that off and discard (there is nothing wrong with the foam, you could happily stir it back into the jam if you are feeling lazy, but technically the foam is full of air and can make the jam spoil a little quicker. Remove the jars from the oven and carefully divide the jam between the jars, loosely placing the lids on top but not sealing. I like to transfer the jam to a jug to ease this process.

6. The second jam is strawberry and the reason this needs to be on top is that strawberries are a low pectin fruit so it doesn't set as firmly as other fruits. Because we are using Jam Sugar we don't have to worry about this but it will set less than the apricot. Repeat the cooking process with the strawberries in the same way as the apricot jam. Once it is cooked, carefully pour it on top of the apricot jam and seal immediately.


Kept in a cool dark place jam will keep for at least six months but once opened needs to be kept in the fridge and consumed within a couple weeks.