Get creative with Royal Icing Sugar

Ice it for the fancy flourish! 

Our Royal Icing Sugar is ideal for hard set decoration icing, flat icing, or as a softer icing. If you are decorating a cake or simply what to add some colour to your biscuits, then our Royal Icing Sugar is the right icing for you. These easy steps will bring your biscuits and cakes to life!

Creating the icing:

Add 75ml water in a bowl, sift over 500g Tate & Lyle Royal Icing Sugar, mix with a wooden spoon until thick and the consistency of a smooth paste. You will need about one-third of the icing for piping and the rest for flooding the biscuits.

Adding natural colour to your icing:

Using a toothpick, add a tiny amount of natural colouring to your icing, then mix well and repeat until you achieve your desired colour. 


The icing for piping should be thick enough to hold its shape. Check by dragging a flat-bladed knife through the surface of the icing and count to 10. If the icing surface becomes smooth in anywhere between 5-10 seconds it is ready. If not, the icing is too thick, so add a splash of water. More sifted icing sugar can be added if it becomes too runny. Add the icing to your piping bag, ready to decorate!    


For flooding, add a few drops of water at a time to 1 of the bowls, stirring until the mixture is smooth and just pourable, just a bit thicker than double cream. To flood biscuits, pour mixture using a teaspoon in a zig-zag motion. Gently shake the biscuit to help settle the icing. Pop any air bubbles with a pin or toothpick right away otherwise it will pop on its own and leave a hole. Wait for 30 minutes or so until the icing has firmed up. 

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How to make and decorate with Royal icing Sugar