9 Regal Recipe Ideas for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee

If you’re joining in with ‘The Big Lunch’ or a festive street party, check out our thematically appropriate Platinum Jubilee recipe ideas & create a feast fit for a Queen!


With Her Majesty’s Platinum Jubilee just around the corner, you’ll no doubt be coming up with Platinum Jubilee party ideas and planning which dishes to serve at your banquet. 

Whether you’re taking part in ‘The Big Lunch’ or a jovial Jubilee street party, you’ll need some Platinum Jubilee recipes fit for a Queen!  

Fortunately, we’ve compiled some family-favourite recipes for some of our best-loved British dishes to help you celebrate such a momentous event in style.  


Mouth watering Jubilee chicken recipes 

First things first, what are you planning on making for your main? If you ask us, you can’t go wrong with chicken – it’s tasty, versatile, and sure to be a crowd-pleaser. Plus, this particular poultry already has ties with Her Majesty – Coronation Chicken, anyone? 


One-pot sugar-glazed roast chicken  

This effortless one-pot version of a roast chicken dinner features delicious sugar-glazed meat and vegetables. Follow this recipe to cook a simple, succulent roast that packs a lot of flavour while leaving minimal washing up in its wake!  

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Sticky barbecue chicken  

Sticky barbecue chicken – even the name alone is drool-inducing! Pair this delicious chicken with some tasty Mediterranean vegetables and you’ve got yourself a dish fit for a Queen! 

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Scrumptious Jubilee cake recipes 

OK – time to talk desserts. Arguably the most important part of any Platinum Jubilee celebratory feast. 


Victoria sponge cake 

This classic cake was created for (and given the stamp of approval by) another much-loved monarch – Queen Victoria – who was partial to a slice or two of her namesake cake. Why not ramp up your royal recipe selection with this quintessentially British cake? 

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Tate Body - Victoria Sponge

Mini Victoria sponge cakes 

If you don’t fancy a whole Victoria sponge cake, why not try these mini versions? Taking just 30 minutes to make, you can enjoy these light and airy sponges with the delicious flavours of jam and cream.  

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Tate Body - Mini Victoria Sponge

Cherries Jubilee cheesecake  

Our cherries Jubilee cheesecake recipe is a particularly appropriate addition for your Platinum Jubilee celebrations. 

Similar to the more traditional cherries Jubilee recipe (a dessert with cherries and liqueur created in 1887 to mark Queen Victoria’s Golden Jubilee), our cherries Jubilee cheesecake recipe yields the same sweet taste of cherries and cream, but comes in the form of a delicious ricotta cake. 

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Lemon drizzle cake 

A timeless classic, this blend of deliciously light sponge and zesty, tangy flavours is sure to tickle your tastebuds. This small-batch cake will make the perfect addition to any Jubilee street party.  

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Carrot cake 

Scrumptious, gently spiced and extremely moreish, our simple, straightforward carrot cake recipe is easy to make and even easier to enjoy! 

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Tate Body - Carrot Cake

Lemon and elderflower cake 

If you’re after something different, why not give this cake a go? Perfect for any celebration, the zing of lemon and floral flavours of elderflower means every bite gives you the taste of summer. 

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Tate Body - Lemon elderflower cake

Jubilee Bundt pan recipes 

If you were hoping to get your Bundt pan out for this occasion, who are we to stop you?! Any of the following Jubilee Bundt pan recipes are sure to make majestic additions to your feast. 


Cinnamon swirl Bundt cake 

Our soft, moist vanilla cake is infused with cinnamon for that extra added “mmm!” This dessert pairs wonderfully with a cup of tea, so it’s a safe bet for either a street party or a sit-down lunch. 

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Tate Body - Cinnamon swirl bundt cake

Marble cake  

You could always opt for baking a classically mottled marble cake – it’s the kind of cake that lasts mere moments before it’s all gone, but at least you know your neighbours will be happy!   

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Spiced fruit cake 

Get your Jubilee party started right with our spiced fruit cake with a rum glaze. Made with our rich, aromatic Dark Muscovado pure cane sugar, this is one of our most popular cake recipes. 

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Don’t forget the Tate & Lyle Sugar  

Remember to pick up all the necessary ingredients you’ll need to make your yummy Platinum Jubilee recipes, including our classic Tate & Lyle sugars.   

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