5 Great Reasons Why Bakers & Chefs Love Tate & Lyle® Pure Cane Sugar

Whether you’re a professional, or just a keen home baker, it seems many prefer using Tate & Lyle® Pure Cane Sugar as it's known to give brilliant results.

Here’s just a few reasons why home bakers and chefs prefer Tate & Lyle® Pure Cane sugars:


1. Pastry Chefs love Tate & Lyle® Pure Cane Sugars!

7 out of 10 Pastry Chefs prefer using Tate & Lyle Pure Cane Sugar[1] and many Professional Chefs use Tate & Lyle Pure Cane Sugars in their creativity. That’s because they trust its superior performance and, when you talk to the people who know, they tell you that not all sugars are interchangeable in their recipes, because they can give such varied results.

Laurian Veaudour - Chef Patissier (& Owner), Cocorico Patisserie, Cardiff: “With Tate & Lyle you don’t get any lumps, you don’t need to sieve it. You need good consistency, good quality and good product. Some of the other brands have more impurities in the sugar and when we do caramels the taste is cleaner with Tate & Lyle.”[2]


2. We Think that Cane is Best Too

Compared to other types of sugars, cane sugar has significant advantages for cooking & baking, especially at high temperatures. For example, caramelisation is more even and transparent with cane sugar, which make the results much more appealing[3].